We seek to build with frontline communities using current direct action tactics, techniques and methodologies through a decolonized community based structural framework.

Direct Action Training

Bypassing “normal” political channels to raise public awareness about an institution, program or injustice.

Creative Resistance Art

Using arts, literature and traditional Indigenous practices to challenge and end injustice on our continent.

Digital Communications

Implementing and developing custom digital strategies that build power for long-term social change.

Web & Graphic Design

We offer bold design and development solutions and strategies for frontline grassroots movements.

Drone, Video & Photography

We tailor and customize our cutting edge digital services to your movement requirements.

First Response Support

Early incident response ensures protection and preservation of life and the environment.

Join us in unconquerable colonial defiance.

This collective and its collaborators are an extension of the historical resistance on our continent.


Here are the most recent articles and publications that shape, affect and influence Indigenous movement spaces on our continent.


While seeking to deconstruct existing institutions of colonialism, capitalism, racism and imperialism on our land,

we must also actively engage in the construction of Indigenous alternatives to make them obsolete.

We respond to frontline communities requesting digital movement strategy, communications and media outreach, creative resistance art production, anti-oppression/anti-racism/decolonization training, and more…

Turtle Island

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Office hours:

Open most days, unless closed.(UTC+7)

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